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Karen Reed-Nordwall
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B-2 (class) and Office in Department Head Hall

Creative Writing

9/5-Interview genre is due and 7 poems
9/8-Heart map is due
9/8-9/12- Genre Presentations
9/9-Landor's epigram
9/10-(End of Hour) Heart Book Section one is due
9/11-Share best poem
9/12-Quiz over Landor's epigram and 2-3 rough draft poems written for class
9/17-5 rough draft poems due
9/23- final draft of poems due and turn in one to publish! (Section 2 of heart book due)
9/24-Story of an hour/Harris Burdick/maps
9/26-Story Story Game
10/10-short story final draft due:

10/16 trading cards are due
10/17 first ten lines are due
10/22 first seven pages of play are due
7 pages due today-must print one for R-N and some scripts for your actors (Sorry Trees!)
Choose your actors and if you have time-highlight their parts so they know when to speak.

10/28 last seven pages of play are due
10/29 total final draft play is due

Ninth Grade English
9/8-Interview Genre due (Presentations begin)
9/8-First AOW is due in class (Article of the Week)
9/9-Sponge Work (vocab) parent signature on syllabus is due
9/10-Need to have a book
Homework is to read 30 minutes five times a week starting 9/10
9/11-(Sponge Work)Claim Evidence Reasoning lessons with fairy tale
9/12 Library Orientation
9/15 AOW
(Sponge Work)prewriting chart with C-E-R for Summer Reading body paragraphs
9/16 Vocab quiz over 6 sponge words: ubiquity, mediocre, insidious,elusive, lucidity, culprit
9/22-Rough draft of summer reading body paragraph #1 due
9/24-Rough draft body paragraph #2
Bookmark due! I will accept it for three days.
9/25 introduction and conclusion
9/26 type draft and vocab quiz over 6 words and essay words: claim, evidence, reasoning, synthesis, transitions
10/2 Final draft due
10/10 Vocab Quiz
10/13 Memoir packet due
10/13-10/15 Bookmark due with parent signature
10/16 rough draft of memoir is due *Reading is due every night
10/17 typed rough draft of memoir is due at the end of the hour
10/22 final draft is due with a peer conference is due at the end of the hour
10/23 vocab test-12 words from yellow sheets and begin chapter one of To Kill A Mockingbird Hmwk:Read chapter one
See reading schedule below:
To Kill A Mockingbird Reading Calendar
10/23- Read chapter 1 in class and finish at home.
10/24-10/26-Read chapters 2, 3, 4
10/27- Read chapter 5 and 6.
10/28- Read chapter 7 and 8.Bookmark is due!!!!
10/29-Quiz over chapters 1-8 hmwk: Read chapters 9, 10
10/30 Read chapters 11, 12,
10/31-11/2- Read chapters 13, 14,15
11/3 Read chapters 16 and 17
11/4 Read 18 and 19
11/5- Quiz over chapters 9-19 plus vocab words Read chapters 20, 21
11/6: Read chapters 22 and 23
11/7-11/9: Read chapters 24, 25, 26
11/10 Read chapters 27 and 28
11/11 Read chapters 29and 30
11/12 Read chapter 31
11/13-Quiz over 20-31 plus vocab words
11/24-TKAM final Test over TKAM is one part of the final exam

Additional English (Non-Creative Writing) Resources:

Reading resources: http://grovesreading.wikispaces.com/
Summer reading lists:

Trimester One 2012

Trimester One 2011
2nd hour- Composition Fall 2011
3rd hour- 3rd hour ninth grade English
4th hour- 4th hour 9th grade English

Trimester 2 2012
Composition-Winter 2011-2012
Reading-Winter 2011-2012

Trimester 3 2012
Creative Writingletter of recommendationletter of recommendation
American Literature 10b:
Creative Writing