Notes for September 23, 2011

Schedule for the Day: Homework: Reading Today: Five pages of rough drafts
Notes: Cyrelle Janae Wheeler
Summer reading due Monday, September 26, 2011
Events of the Class:
Today we started with our reading, and went on to do a class activity and shared with the entire class. We also took notes on snapshots and how to help the reader few more of a mental picture. The class turned in our five pages of rough drafts. In order, first story memory, second story memory, four new leads, and second draft starting with new lead, and adding snapshots (Friday).Notes the Class Took:
Writing snapshots worksheet was handed out, and we took notes on this. Notes are as follows:

  • Activity: Star a place on your “lead” drafts that you would like to add more snapshot details too. Get with a partner and help them better describe the snapshot “picture”.
  • Helpful hints: If you do not have access to a computer, make a star to where you want to add the snapshot, and go on a different piece of paper, draw a little star to show that it is the snapshot, and then write the snapshot.