American Literature 10b
Ms. Reed-Nordwall (Ms. RN)
Trimester Two, 2012
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Course Description and Preview
This is a college preparation course designed to enhance writing skills while using American Literature as models for assignments. Writing assignments include the following essays: descriptive, persuasive, impromptu, and literary analysis. Although reading is not the primary focus of the class, we will be studying literary devices, vocabulary, and important pieces in the form of novel, essays, poetry, and a play.

What will we cover? Literature:
Writing: Harlem Renaissance Poets/Beat Poets
Descriptive Writing Short Story
Persuasive Writing The Crucible-Arthur Miller
ACT Style Impromptu Famous Speeches and essays
Literary Analysis The Cathcer in the Rye-Salinger
Choice Novels
*You must keep everything!!!!!

Recommended Materials:3-ring binders to include: (Writing, journal prompts, notes, impromptus, forms/handouts)
folder account
Paper Pens/pencils
Posit-it notes Pink and Yellow highlighter
Gmail account google site(digital portfolio)Email address that you check daily
Laptop/ipad/netbook/nook or any web-enabled device you can type on.

Please bring a 3-ring binder filled with paper as soon as possible. Make sure to save everything! If you type, make sure to print out every few days so you can show your progress. You will need to show all your work. You will be graded on process, not just the final product.
Daily Routines:
Journal Writing on thinking skills
Teacher AnnouncementsStudent AnnouncementsQuestions (Save questions for this period))Reading time/Journal writing/Mini-Lesson (s)Writing TimeSharePack-up (do not pack up before this time)

Ms. R-N’s Non-Negotiables:TardiesPut-downs (home court)PlagiarismNo late rough drafts (I only accept them on the day they are due)
*Computer lab time: If you work, you will get time to work in the lab. If you don’t work, then you will receive another assignment to do in the media center and your paper will be homework!

Texts: Elements of Literature, Literature of the United States; Writing Clear Paragraphs, The Catcher in the Rye, Choice novels

Major Assignments: essays, impromptus, a journal for daily writing exercises, and a digital portfolio. Students may be quizzed on grammar, writing, vocabulary, and reading assignments.

My Schedule/How to contact me:
Room B-2
Lunch: A lunch
Extra help: Come to X-block on Thursdays or see Mrs. Kay during your lunch in B-11

Out sick? Check out our class website or contact a classmate:

Feedback: All students and parents are encouraged to access Power School for up-to-date grade information and assignments. Please ask any time you have a question regarding your grade. Parents, feel free to email me at any time with questions or concerns regarding your student.

In this course, I hope to give you the opportunity to think critically about yourself and the world around you. A great literature class is a place where both the students and the teacher can enhance their skills, explore their best learning environments and challenge each other to think in new ways. Class participation will be required for attaining a satisfactory grade. Keeping this in mind, I insist that all students be open-minded to and respectful of other’s contributions to class. Each of you should be free to express your interpretations and ideas without the persecution (or interruption) of others.

While I intend to support you and challenge you with ample learning opportunities, I want you to understand that you are responsible for creating optimal learning for yourself!

This responsibility includes, but is not limited to:
  • coming to class on time and prepared
  • This includes coming always with your book, your writing utensil, paper, and any appropriate handouts
  • paying attention, engaging in discussion
  • turning in assignments when they are requested
  • independently following procedures for making up missed work
  • working cooperatively with your classmates in situations that may/may not involve a group grade
  • asking for help or clarification when it’s needed

Absences: Students with unexcused absences forfeit the opportunity to make up work missed (sleeping during class is an unexcused absence). Students with excused absences will be granted with the opportunity to make up work. You will have as many days as you were absent to turn the work in. Please write “Absent (date)” on the work you turn in from excused absences. If you are absent (excused) for a test, you must arrange a time for a make up test within 2 days of your absence.

If you are in school the day an assignment is due, regardless of whether or not you attend class, your assignment is expected. Also note: 3 tardies in one semester will result in a detention.

X-Block: If you find that you need to conference, make up a test/quiz, or speak with me privately about class, please arrange a meeting during X-Block. Remember: All test make ups must be scheduled within 2 days of your absence.

80% of trimester grades will be based on a percentage of total points earned on in-class assignments, papers, quizzes, tests, homework and participation. 20% of the trimester grade will be based on the percentage earned on a final exam. Grades will be posted periodically using Powerschool.


Bring your book with you every day!!! You will be choosing books to read over the course of this trimester. You will be expected and get points for bringing it with your everyday. You will have time to read in the first fifteen minutes of class everyday! Choose a good book!

Homecourt ( Be Respectful) You are expected to participate in class. You receive points for contributing and you lose points if you take away from the class.

Late Work You are expected to turn things in the day they are due. If you are absent the day something is due, email me. You will have one day if it is an excused absence. I do not accept rough drafts late.

Individual concerns should be addressed on individual time(i.e. at the end of the hour, during x-block, after school or through e-mail). Please be considerate of your classmates’ learning experience, and do not interrupt class time with questions about make-up work, missing assignments, absences, grades, etc.

~~I feel excited and honored to be your coach in literature for this trimester. I understand that you are an individual and that you have individual needs and desires. I hope that you’ll find that you can share all of these with me throughout the semester, and I will do my best to meet them. If I cannot, I will help you to find somebody who can. I encourage you to advocate for yourself if you find that you are in need.~~
Thank you!
I ,_ (print name), have read Mrs. Reed-Nordwall’s course description and have discussed it with my parent(s)/guardian(s)

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Preferred time of contact (circle one): Daytime/Evening

If you need to contact me to address concerns, please use e-mail as your primary form of communication.

Thank you,
Karen Reed-Nordwall