10/7 Lexi Arabo
Hello classmates! Here is what you missed today!

On the board:
  • Reading Makeup
  • See-think-wonder- Thinking routine
  • Finish your 2 and half of reading over weekend-Bookmark
  • Work on finalizing your 2 reviews essay (summer reading)
  • Essay due MONDAY

What we talk about during class:
  • Spirit week, don’t forget to dress up!
  • Read for more than 15 minutes to catch up on reading.

Essay on Monday:
  • Need to be a thesis statement.
  • Needs to have an introduction.
  • What are you going to argue (3 points)
  • Has to have quotes for example.
  • Start of general then move on top being specific. Ex: all people have well and bad tends in the world. In the book by jk Rowling, Dumbledore in my opinion is the evil character in the book rather than Lord Volderment. See how to go from “all people” to “Dumbledore and lord Volderment”.
  • Must have six terms old multicultural vocab.
  • Mrs. taught us how to write a paragraph so try to find a friend to copy notes.
Body Paragraph:
  • Topic sentence
  • Concrete detail: Quote from book “ “ (86)
  • Commentary- Interpretation and analysis.
  • Commentary
    • Concluding sentence/transition into the next paragraph.